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  • Eastern NC
  • North Charlotte
  • Raleigh
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  • Louisville


  Asphalt Paving   Beer Delivery Systems (Perlick)
  Carpet Installation   Carside Camera Systems
  CO2   Dishwasher
  Doors, Windows and Glass   Electrical
  Fire Protection - Sprinklers   Furniture - Barstools and Chairs
  Furniture - Booths   Gaskets - Refrigeration
  General Maintenance   HVAC
  Kitchen Equipment - Non-Refrigerated   Lighting Maintenance
  Locksmith   Microwaves
  Music System   Painting
  Plumbing   Plumbing - Parts
  Quarry Tile and Ceramic Tile   Refrigeration
  Roofing   Safes
  Security Camera Systems   Signage - Exterior and Building
  Stainless Steel Welding and Fabrication   Telephone Systems Hardware & Inside Wiring
  Vinyl Upholstery
Other     (List Service)

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Payment Terms

Vendor invoices will only be processed when found to be in compliance with the agreed upon fees outlined above.  All invoices must contain all applicable City, County, Local or other Sales Taxes on each invoice submitted.  The Apple Gold Group (hereinafter “Apple Gold”) reserves the right to make any necessary sales tax adjustments.

Apple Gold payment terms are 30 days from the date of invoice receipt unless early payment discounts are offered.  Vendor expressly agrees to submit all invoices no later than 90 days after completion of all requested work.  Vendor expressly agrees that Apple Gold shall be relieved from any and all liability for any such invoices submitted after 90 days regardless of any state statute of limitations.

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